Jack Layton / reduce violence against women…legacy.

Jack Layton / reduce violence against women…legacy.

Jack Layton was a Canadian politician who co-founded the White Ribbon Campaign: Working to End Violence Against Women. It now operates in more than sixty countries.

Layton believed so strongly in the cause that in 1992: Layton offered to put his house up as collateral for a loan to provide financial assistance to the White Ribbon Campaign.

WE fighting for the Equal Rights Amendment need to show the same focus and long term investment in the cause for all people in our country. Everyone benefits when women get equal pay. I am happy for the people such as Layton who came before me, allowing me to use the platform I have as an artist to continue to fight for women’s rights.

Recently Random House has put out a book, have a look at the review here …

Hope is Better than Fear, by Various (Random House of Canada, 2011; $6.99);

Paying Jack Layton Forward book

Also feel free to check out another written memorial. One Spark Remembers

Please DO send me any suggestions you may have for similar voices of feminism.

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#TuesdayMotivation Vanessa Beecroft & Kayne West – Collaboration among artists!

#TuesdayMotivation Vanessa Beecroft & Kayne West  – Collaboration among artists!

An outstandingly unique and detailed focused artist herself, Vanessa Beecroft collaborates with the one and only Mr. Kanye West. Similar to my self, she is passionate about what she does and wants to get her message and statement(s) KNOWN.

Its rare to find someone who had such a profound impact on contemporary pop culture. SO, who better for Vanessa to work with but Kanye West? Beyond his music, he has a unique style for fashion, that coincides with Beecroft visions.

The two are making a mark on both fashion and art, illuminating pop culture and new trends. We should all be inspired by their dedication and the vision they had that came to life during this collaboration!

I feel strongly that if you have a passion, you should vocalize it. Pursue what you are passionate about, and make it known! Let us move forward with inspiration and high hopes with our own visions!

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